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  "The Original" Pub and Brewery Tours Of Charleston, Charleston SC
"Eat, drink and be merry," just as locals do on this European-style pub crawl! Come explore history through Charleston's most historic taverns and pubs. Sample light, complimentary appetizers during the tour, with a chance to purchase beverages along the way. Treat yourself to some Southern cocktails, local micro-brews and a variety of beverages while hearing tales of Charleston from local guides. 

These are some of Charleston’s most fascinating pubs — the ones that most visitors would never even know about on their own! 

Come join us and: 

~ Listen to true tales of bootleggers, ghosts, revolutionaries, presidents, and pirates who caroused the very streets on which you are walking.

~ Get your healthy dose of Charleston’s history from the historic taverns and former speakeasies, to the rooftop pubs and breweries overlooking the magnificent harbor.

~ Indulge yourself in southern treats such as Sweet Tea Vodka, Irish Nachos, Mint Juleps and Kolsh style craft brews! 
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The "Original" Pub Tours of Charleston SC  | 40 N. Market Street | Charleston, SC 29401
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All month of October, take a walk on our "Haunted Pub Crawl".
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